Adult Basic Education for immigrants

You can apply at>  -> link ”hakulomake” on the front page at the top right -> Aikuisten perusopetus

There is no time limit for applications, you can make it in any time of the year. The study group will be selected accordingly to the level of his/her Finnish language skills and general knowledge.

Entrance: a test and an interview

  • Every applicant takes a language test and attends an interview
  • The time for test and interview will be agreed with Hanne Pietilä, 050 4674 375

Teaching includes

  • Introductory studies for basic education
    • Learning bisics of Finnish language
    • Acquire the vocabulary for subjects of basic education
    • Includes around 20-30 courses (1 course =28 lessons)
    • Estimated duration ½ – 1 year
  • Adults Basic Education
    • Total 46 courses
    • About 30 courses are studied in a school year
    • Duration 1.5 years
  • Total duration of program is about 2 or 2.5 years depending on the student’s personal study path
  • If you have completed Introductory studies for basic education beforehand or have a good base on Finnish language, you can start studies of the subjects of basic education directly.

Requirements for applicants

  • Reading and writing skills
  • Adequate knowledge of Finnish language

About studying, living and dining

  • free of charge
    • Teaching and learning materials
    • Stay in the dormitory of the college in a double room on study days
    • Breakfast and dinner are included in the dormitory services
    • Lunch and coffee
  • paid services
    • stay in the dormitory on weekends, accommodation fee 10 € / weekend (the student takes care of meals at that time)
    • Stay in the dormitory during the holidays or seasonal breaks is agreed separately
  • questions, inquiries and agreeing on an interview and a test:

Hanne Pietilä, Head of Study Program p. 050 4674 375